Cropstone Land Society

The Cropstone Land Society was formed in the 1890s, part of a movement to enable ordinary people to own land and provide for themselves.

In 1897 the Society bought "Three Acre Close" from Misses Sarah Jane and Henrietta Maria Louisa Hind (the Hind Sisters) for the sum of £322 10s 0d.

The land fronted onto Station Road, next to what is now Sandham Bridge Road, and was at that stage outside the village of Cropston. The plot was divided into 17 strips, most with a frontage of 22ft 5in and lengths varying from 309ft to 362ft. These long narrow strips were large enough for their owners to be self-sufficient.

A row of mostly semi-detached houses was built, many with plaques giving their names and dates between 1898 and 1905.

This was the first development near the village and was nicknamed "The Klondike" after the Gold Rush which was then at its peak.

The Cropstone Land Society was dissolved in 1900.