2018 Programme

16 Jan 2018Power in the Landscape: The Grey & Hastings Families in Leicestershire
Katie Bridger
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20 Feb 2018Castle Hill: In Search of the Knights Hospitaller
Mathew Morris
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20 Mar 2018Thurcaston and the Kings' Briefs
Brenda Hooper
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15 May 2018Saint Wistan – the death and afterlife of an Anglo-Saxon saint
Douglas Clinton
17 Jun 2018Guided Tour of Breedon-on-the-Hill Church
Peter Liddle
17 July 2018Tour of Thurcaston
Brenda Hooper
5 Aug 2018Visit to Beaumanor Hall
18 Sep 2018The Story of Cropstone House Farm
Anne Horton & Stephen Burrows
16 Oct 2018Theodora Salusbury (Leicestershire Stained Glass Artist)
Georgina Maltby
20 Nov 2018Brief AGM followed by
Members' mini-talks


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